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A Holistic Approach to Travel Business Education

It's not enough to love travel - you need to have the appropriate business systems, marketing strategies, and mindset tuneups and coaching to make it in this business. That's why we focus on all three.


We teach digital marketing strategies to help you build foundations in your business that bring you a steady stream of ideal clients that are in alignment with your brand.


We teach Business Systems & Foundations that improve the functionality of your business and elevate the client care experience


Mindset. Soul. Heart. Attitude. Whatever you call it, we coach advisors to cultivate the resilience and grit needed to make it as an entrepreneur

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"I'm blown away! You speak my language. The content presented wasn't new (so far), BUT the way you've presented it was, and there have been some wonderful takeaways and lightbulb moments. I now have to figure out if my niche is focused enough, really get focused on creating a blog, and using a list of keywords to better my SEO. Thank you!"

- Michelle Tikkanen liliedahl, distinctive travel designs



When Ashley, Wendy, and Krystal first came together, it was to teach at Travel Career Summits. Through meetings to prep for those events, we all found that we got more out of each other and outside of the industry than we did from any coaching we received in the industry.

Then we asked the question:

What would it look like if you focused on the business side of your business? How much more successful of an entrepreneur would you be? What if we created an education program that provided ongoing opportunities for travel business owners to supplement supplier education with courses focused around marketing, business, and mindset?

An idea was formed.

Travel Biz CEO Podcast

Each week we release episodes for Travel Advisors to talk about Business, Marketing or Mindset. We want you to leverage your tools so you are running your business and not letting your business run you.

KTA Membership

KTA Membership is our monthly membership program that provides clarity and community for the modern travel advisor that wants to build a thriving business so they can live a life by design. We simplify complex topics around your business that teach you HOW not just WHAT you should be doing.


You know you need ALL the things for your business, but not sure where to start?

We see you and we've got you covered! That's why we sell plug and play templates for your travel business for TravelJoy, email marketing, and more!

kTA Adventures

KTA Adventures is our brand new workshop series available to Kinship CEO Members. Each workshop is part FAM, part education, part fun. For the most recent opportunities and to learn more click the button below!

Travel Biz CEO

New Agent Course

Not in the travel industry, but want to be? Not sure where to start? Check out our Travel Biz CEO course designed especially for people like you!

Free Resources

Check out our free guides and checklists created JUST for you - the travel entrepreneur!


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