Welcome Travel Entrepreneurs. It's time to take control of your travel business.

we are going to walk you through setting up the foundations for your travel business so you can grow your business and get more Qualified leads for your agency.

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The Roadmap to Growing Your Travel Business

This is our 11th Travel Business Summit for travel entrepreneurs. We are Ashley, Wendy, and Krystal the owners of Kinship Travel Academy and we are so excited to put this travel business summit on for YOU!

We are digging deep into what it's going to take to be the get more qualified leads in your travel business. In this pre-recorded series, you'll get access to SIX mini-courses to help you on your roadmap to travel business success.

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Session 1

Cultivating Grit In This Current Travel Climate

We are calling out the Elephant in the Room.

With the guidance of our Certified Life Coach, Wendy Guth, we are going to talk about cultivating the grit you need to succeed, not just today, but in the days that follow.

Session 2

The Client Journey

(Marketing Ecosystems)

Marketing geek, Krystal Eicher, is walking us through the client journey and how to look at your strategy like an ecosystem that you need to cultivate from multiple angles to succeed.

Session 3

Creating Original Content

From learning how to ID your P.E.R.S.O.N. to choosing your medium and creating a content calendar. We are going through how to attract your ideal client original content that converts

Session 4

Grow Your List with an IFO

(Irresistible Free Offer)

If you are going to be a digital marketer, you need to have a lead magnet in place that attracts the right kind of client.

Krystal walks you through thinking beyond the steps of just a generic PDF packing list to something that really speaks to your client.

Session 5

Build Trust With Video

Learn how to get Camera Confident and solidify your expertise and Know, Like, Trust factor and leverage the power of video in your marketing

Session 6

Consultations that Convert

Getting leads isn't enough if you can't convert them into paid clients. Ashley is walking us through her powerful consultation process to show you how to convert leads to PAYING clients.

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