It's time to change the way we do business as agency owners

You don't just sell travel, you are the CEO of a business. Time to embrace the role.

Meet the KTA Coaches:

Krystal, Wendy, and Ashley

Love of travel does NOT equal successful business owner

It helps. But at the end of the day, if you are an independent contractor, you are a business owner, so it's time we start acting like it.

Learning how to balance your business systems, create a marketing strategy, and cultivating a healthy mindset is the foundation of a successful business.

Hey there! Krystal & Wendy here. We are the founders and the hosts of Travel Biz CEO. What started as a little bit of fun to help educate fellow colleagues in the travel industry, quickly morphed into a passion. Through our education community, we encourage entrepreneurs to embrace the role of CEO, by learning to balance their business systems, marketing and mindset.

The fact of the matter is it's not enough to just love travel... have to be the CEO of your business, to go from

struggling to THRIVING travel entrepreneur, and now

we are on a mission to help others business owners like you!

Meet the KTA Coaches

Three friends, three badass travel advisors, one mission.

Wendy Guth

Our Life Coach and Mindset Guru, Wendy, has made it her mission to encourage others to live into their best lives by owning their stories and overcoming their worst enemies: themselves.

After a transformational travel experience of her own, Wendy founded Rebel On The Go Travel with a mission to create radical, transformational travel experiences for other kick-ass women.

From there her scope and mission only grew. Wendy combines coaching into her travel business to encourage women in all aspects of their lives that they are capable & courageous, and helps them step out of their comfort zone to learn to write their own stories. Now she helps travel advisors experience the same.

She is a former events coordinator and military spouse. Wendy currently lives in Maryland with her twin teenagers, hunky hubby, and fur baby, Pebbles. When she's not actively coaching clients, you'll find Wendy pulling double duty at Pilates, or out on the water in her sailboat or kayak.

Krystal Eicher

Our Marketing Specialist, Krystal, has made it her mission to dive deep into marketing strategy so you can bring your ideal client and ideal business into alignment

Krystal is the self appointed Girlfriend Getaway Guru. Her business, Serendipitous Traveler focuses on girlfriend getaways.

Krystal learned early in her travel career of the importance of niching far down and focusing on your ideal client. Using her background in marketing from previous careers, she mentors other travel advisors and encourages them to focus not on the style of travel, but on the traveler themselves.

She is a military spouse, mother of daughters, yogi that should do more yoga, coffee addict, and foodie. You are most likely to find her in a kitchen or scrolling through food pictures on instagram.

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