KTA is freaking awesome. Just letting you know! I def have already gotten my money's worth with the Pixel's/SEO/list building stuff - and we're just getting started??? Great job, friend - so useful! It's just when it's good, I gotta let you know!

- Paloma white, paloma White travel

You had me when you said you would teach me the how to, not just the theory

Lois Wallace, We make travel easy

I'm blown away! You speak my language. The content presented wasn't new (so far), BUT they way you've presented it was, and there have been some wonderful takeaways and lightbulb moments. I now have to figure out if my niche is focused enough, really get focused on creating a blog, and using a list of keywords to better my SEO. Thank you!

- Michelle Tikkanen Liliedahl, Distinctive Travel Designs


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